For second time this season, Bears coach Matt Nagy says he has not been fired

It’s never a good sign when a head coach is having to shoot down rumors of his firing, but Matt Nagy must be getting used to it by now.

CBS’ Boomer Esiason reported on a WFAN radio show Wednesday that the Bears had already informed Nagy he’d be let go after the season finale against the Vikings on Sunday, but Nagy firmly disputed that.

“I can clear it up,” he said. “I’m very honest and open with you guys. That has not been told to me.

“I haven’t been told anything. I’m a pretty good source to ask. Anybody that has a report that is gonna talk to somebody who talked to somebody who talked to somebody, it’s probably best to just call me up and ask me. I promise you, I’ll tell you the truth. I’m a pretty good source.”

Nagy’s denial, of course, doesn’t invalidate Esiason’s report, which he said, “came through a really, really good, tight source.” Nagy is widely expected to be fired after the game, and that has been a frequent topic in his press conferences throughout the last two months.

In November, coming off a brutal collapse against the Ravens, Nagy was left to fend off a report by that the team told him he’d be fired after the Thanksgiving game against the Lions. When the organization made no effort whatsoever to squash it, Nagy spent nearly an entire press conference answering questions about the report.

Nagy began his Bears career by going 12-4 and winning the NFC North in 2018, but has gone 22-26 since. The Bears have scored the ninth-fewest points in the NFL during his tenure.

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