Cale Makar’s GWG wasn’t even slightly Kirby Dach’s faultVincent Pariseon January 5, 2022 at 2:00 pm

Chicago Blackhawks were defeated by the Colorado Avalanche on Tuesday night by a final score of 4-3. The loss came in overtime as each team battled hard to earn at least one point. Cale Makar made an amazing play on Kirby Dach and Marc-Andre Fleury for the win. The Avalanche are a significantly better hockey team than the Blackhawks but Chicago deserves credit for sticking in there.

They even had a few chances to win where some bad luck just didn’t allow it. The most glaring example is when Jonathan Toews hit the post in overtime after deking out Colorado’s goaltender Darcy Kuemper. It was a great game for the captain as he had a goal earlier in the contest.

Alex DeBrincat and Patrick Kane each deserve credit for the Hawks reaching overtime as well. DeBrincat had two power-play goals scored 40 seconds apart. Kane had the primary assist on both. Seth Jones assisted on one of them and the Toews goal so it was a two-point night for him as well. Seeing the top players play like top players is really good for the Hawks.

Jonathan Toews came THIS CLOSE to winning the game for the #Blackhawks!

— DaWindyCityFS (@DaWindyCityFS) January 5, 2022

After Toews hit the post in overtime, it didn’t last much longer. The puck found itself on Cale Makar’s stick in the offensive zone which is never a good sign. Out of every defenseman in the NHL, there might be two or three that are better than him and that is it. You can even argue that there are zero better than him but that is a story for another day.

Cale Makar made a sick play on Kirby Dach to give his team the win on Tuesday.

Makar took the puck and made it look like he was going for a skate. He then stopped in his tracks with a clear lane to Marc-Andre Fleury where he roofed one over his shoulder and sent the United Center crowd home silently. It was one of the more remarkable goals that you will see in the National Hockey League this season.

UNREAL play by Cale Makar. One of the best defenseman in the NHL. Tip your cap, #Blackhawks fans!

— DaWindyCityFS (@DaWindyCityFS) January 5, 2022

When Makar made his move towards Fleury, it was deking out Blackhawks forward Kirby Dach. Dach is a former third overall pick that is taking a little bit of time to develop offensively. Dach, as a result, receives some criticism but this isn’t the time.

Makar was his man in this play but it wasn’t even slightly his fault if you think about it deeply. There are only about four or five players in the National Hockey League that would have made the right move to defend Makar’s play here. Dach was just simply beat and has to tip his cap.

It isn’t a pretty highlight to be a part of if you are Dach but that happens in this league sometimes. The only way to forget about it is to try and make the play next time. If his offensive numbers jumped just a little bit, that would happen even quicker. It was a tough play but Makar deserves stick taps more than Dach deserves blame.

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