3 intense Chicago Blackhawks trade packages for Jake DeBruskVincent Pariseon January 5, 2022 at 12:00 pm

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The Chicago Blackhawks have had a very interesting season. They were off to a terrible start before they fired the coach. Derek King has come in and done a nice job but the hole seems too big to climb out of. They have played well under King but they are still going to lose some games and they need to be basically perfect to get back into the race.

The organization may or may not be sellers already but there is a hockey trade that they can make in order to enhance their future. They can give some players on their current roster a change of scenery to resurrect their careers and they can also take on a young player to give him a chance on a new team.

One player that fits the bill of a player somewhere else that needs help is Jake DeBrusk of the Boston Bruins. He was a first-round pick for them in 2015. He was one of three straight selections that Boston made in the first round of that draft. DeBrusk has had really good years with the Bruins early on but has since fallen off a bit.

He needs a chance to play significant minutes with some good players. He hasn’t gotten that consistently with the Bruins because their top six have been pretty set since he started to struggle. If he came to Chicago, he might get a legit chance.

The Chicago Blackhawks could really consider a Jake DeBrusk trade this winter.

There have been rumors about his eventual trade for a few weeks now. The Blackhawks are a team that makes perfect sense in a variety of ways. DeBrusk is still very young so it isn’t like he is a rental player that needs to go to a “win now” team. The Hawks could make one of these three trades with the idea of helping him get his career back on track:

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