A few College Bowl Game coaches would be perfect for the Chicago BearsVincent Pariseon January 4, 2022 at 12:00 pm

It was a great week of football for all fans of the sport at any level. The weekend was loaded with NFL action, the College Football Playoff, and numerous Bowl Games across the country. As an organization that has a lot of building to do this offseason, we can only hope that the Chicago Bears were watching.

Before their game against the New York Giants, some great collegiate head coaches were out there trying to get their teams what they needed to be prepared for the big games. In particular, the New Years Day Bowls and the College Football Playoffs were spectacular to watch.

We know that the Bears are more than likely going to fire Matt Nagy as their head coach. It should have happened a long time ago but they wasted their 2021 season allowing him to be the guy. He is an incredibly nice man but he isn’t good at being the head football coach of the Chicago Bears.

In those spectacular college games that were mentioned, there were some really good replacements that stick out. Ryan Day is the head coach of Ohio State University and they just won the Rose Bowl over the Utah Utes by a final score of 48-45.

The Rose Bowl was not a College Football Playoff game this year but the Buckeyes still had a successful season in their first year without Justin Fields since before he arrived there. Now, Ryan Day has proved that he could make the jump if he wanted.

There are multiple Bowl Game coaches for the Chicago Bears to consider.

Another coach that sticks out is Jim Harbaugh of the University of Michigan. The Wolverines played in the College Football Playoff but were defeated by the Georgia Bulldogs. After many disappointing years, they finally made it in but they won’t be winning it all this year.

Harbaugh has been on the hot seat for a few years because of the fact that Michigan has always come up short of the tournament under him but that seat has certainly cooled. Even though it has cooled, however, there is a chance he makes a return to the NFL.

Jim Harbaugh has already had success in the NFL so it wouldn’t take much convincing for the Bears. Harbaugh made it to the Super Bowl with the San Francisco 49ers as their head coach and had multiple other NFC Championship appearances. The Bears have literally never had that type of sustained success before that.

He was also on their team as a player from 1987-1993 so he is familiar with the organization as they are the ones who drafted him. If he wanted to come back to the NFL, they would be a great fit for all of those reasons.

If it isn’t Ryan Day or Jim Harbaugh, maybe it is one of the other Bowl Game coaches. Maybe it is someone in the NFL already as a coordinator or special coach. Either way, the Bears need to get this right so that they can continue developing Justin Fields and win a lot more.

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