Chicago Bears soon may no longer be owned by Aaron RodgersTodd Welteron December 30, 2021 at 3:00 pm

The Chicago Bears have been owned by Aaron Rodgers, figuratively, ever since the three-time MVP became the Green Bay Packers starting quarterback in 2008.

That ownership could be coming to a close soon as Rodgers hinted that he could retire after the season.

He could also end up being the Packers’ starting quarterback for another five years and continue to torture the Chicago Bears. It is all just a beautiful mystery I guess.

Rodgers’ future with that team to the North has been subject to speculation ever since draft day when he made it known he was not happy with Packers’ management. From there it has gone to him demanding a trade, to him wanting just a voice in the decision-making process.

He has gone from referring to Packers’ general manager Brian Gutekunst as Jerry Krause to now appreciating how their relationship has grown.

That is why the retirement bomb he just dropped has me thinking it is just a dud.

Aaron Rodgers no longer lining up under center for the Packers still could happen soon…

One way I could see Aaron Rodgers retiring after this season is if he does win the Super Bowl. Green Bay winning the whole thing is every Chicago Bears fans’ worst nightmare. It could have a silver lining if Rodgers realizes why not ride off into the sunset with a Vince Lombardi trophy in his hand.

Rodgers would have one more Super Bowl champions ring than Brett Favre. What else would he have to chase?

He could always come back because he simply loves the game, and at the same time possibly surpass the passing records Tom Brady has or will have. Then again, he would have the perfect storybook ending to a Hall of Fame career by leaving on top.

The other way his tenure as Packers QB1 comes to an end is he is set to be a free agent after next season. He could take the Brady route and go to another franchise to see if he can win a title with another club. He could land himself on a tea that would want his input and not say, just sign Randall Cobb to make Rodgers feel a part of the process.

The Packers do have to make a decision at the end of the season. They either have to extend Rodgers or trade him. I doubt the Packers would let Rodgers walk away via free agency when they could get a boatload of picks in return.

If Rodgers does stay in Green Bay beyond 2022, there is one way to stop his ownership over the Bears…

There is one final way the Chicago Bears could break the figurative ownership agreement with Aaron Rodgers. Justin Fields could turn the Bears fortunes around by developing into the franchise quarterback. We saw the potential everyone in the second half against Pittsburgh and if he turns in more performances in 2022 and beyond, the Bears could have their quarterback who dominates the rivalry.

If Fields can finally break the Bears starting quarterback curse, he could make good on his belief that the rivalry will swing back in the Chicago Bears’ favor. It would also take the Bears getting a new head coach and general manager.

Hopefully, that does happen. I would also feel more comfortable if Rodgers heads into retirement or is traded to another team to stop his 23-5 dominance over the Bears.

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