Bears predictions: Week 17 vs. Giants

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ home finale Sunday against the Giants:

Rick Morrissey

Bears 20-17

The Bears are just as bad as the Giants are, which is to say I have as much confidence in this prediction as I do in whomever the Bears trot out to play quarterback. If there’s a COVID-19 mask that covers the eyes, I’d recommend it for watching Sunday’s game. Somebody has to win this one, right? Unless it’s a tie. Hmmm. Season: 12-3.

Rick Telander

Bears 30-21

Both teams are on streaks: the Giants have lost four in a row, the Bears have won one in a row. With Covid rampant we have no idea who will show up–maybe Rusty Lisch gets QB reps? Eliminated or not, believe Matt Nagy wants this one on his resume. Season: 11-4.

Patrick Finley

Bears 24-10

It won’t matter who the Bears — or Giants — start at quarterback. Amazingly, Justin Fields, Andy Dalton and Nick Foles are all better than anyone Big Blue can put under center. Season: 11-4.

Jason Lieser

Bears 30-13

There aren’t many teams worse than the Bears, but the Giants are one of them. This is one of the most favorable matchups the Bears have had this season, and they’re sure to enjoy it. Season: 12-3.

Mark Potash

Bears 22-10

The Bears are determined to finish a bad season on a good note and have the wherewithal to at least do that — especially against the Giants, who have lost four straight. Season: 11-4.

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