Bulls front office has interesting decisions to make on trade front

The pieces that are being waved around right now around the league are few, but what Marc Eversley and Arturas Karnisovas have shown is an aggressiveness to strike when they feel the time is right.

There’s always moves to be made.

That’s how Bulls executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas and general manager Marc Eversley have handled their business since last season’s trade deadline.

Whether it was prying Nikola Vucevic from Orlando or going the sign-and-trade route in the summer and acquiring both Lonzo Ball and DeMar DeRozan, this front office has shown an aggressiveness not seen by the Bulls in quite some time.

But are they done?

Unlikely, as the Feb. 10 trade deadline slowly starts showing itself on the horizon.

Where it becomes difficult, however, is what pieces will be made available between now and then from the rest of the Association, and who would the Bulls be willing to part with?

Billy Donovan’s roster is a close-knit group, but also one with veterans that understand the business side of the league. If they are looking to move contracts that are or could be expiring then a Derrick Jones Jr. or Troy Brown can come into play. If they are set on moving off a younger developmental piece then a Coby White is in play to be traded.

The problem is White could bring back an interesting return because of his potential, but his rookie salary limits large-ticket items, even when packaged.

Basically, the Bulls would be in the market for another team’s problem. That young player that either wants out or hasn’t worked out.

Marvin Bagley III’s name has been floating out there for more than a month, as the Sacramento forward is unhappy with his organization and the feeling seems to be mutual.

The Bulls, Philadelphia, Utah, Detroit, Orlando, Indiana, San Antonio and Dallas have all been mentioned in Bagley rumors, but the likelihood that the Bulls could eventually be frontrunners is small. Especially if the Kings are looking to blow up the roster and package Bagley with shooter Buddy Hield, who still has $40 million guaranteed his way the next two years after he makes $23 million this year.

Does White and Jones for a Bagley and say a Moe Harkless work? Financially it fits, but what would the Kings really get out of that?

If Hield is moved there would be a place for White, but otherwise it’s more backcourt logjam.

Jones would be an expiring contract to help the Kings get more cap relief, but would bring little to the big picture of a very disappointing season in Sacramento.

The other organization that is dealing with major underachievement issues and has been circulating in the rumor mill is Portland.

Again, what could interest the Bulls, as well as appease the Trail Blazers? As long as both CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard are on the roster a White makes little sense. The Bulls are shopping for a power forward and Larry Nance Jr. would give them a lot of elements they need at that position, but the two teams need to be willing dance partners.

As far as a team in the Eastern Conference to look at, well, all eyes are on the Pacers, who reportedly are willing to put “Everything Must Go’’ signs outside the Gainbridge Fieldhouse.

Domantas Sabonis would give the Bulls everything they could want from a power forward – think a much more skilled version of what Daniel Theis was – but the asking price is one the Bulls likely couldn’t answer, especially if they deem Patrick Williams the power forward of the future.

The good news for the Bulls? Saturday was only Christmas Day, and the number of teams that will undergo a standings reality check as the deadline nears will only grow.

The pool of tradable assets will deepen.

Until then, Karnisovas and Eversley will be lurking.

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