The one reason why the Chicago Bears must fire Ryan PaceJason Parinion December 24, 2021 at 1:00 pm

Although it seems that Chicago is unanimous in their desire for the Chicago Bears to fire head coach Matt Nagy, there has been some spirited debate over whether or not GM Ryan Pace should meet the same fate.

There have been no chants at Chicago Bulls games, no harassing of Ryan Pace’s children at their high school football games. But nonetheless, many fans have been pleading with the Bears front office to dump both Nagy and Pace at the end of the season (or sooner, in Nagy’s case).

Despite the displeasure, there have also been many fans making a case for Pace to stay on board and help the Bears select their next coach and develop rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

Among the most common arguments are Pace’s moderate success in late-round picks and his slam dunk decision to trade up and draft Justin Fields in the 2021 NFL Draft.

And despite Nagy’s failure to succeed in Chicago, hiring Nagy was the right decision at the time. He seemed to be the most qualified and promising candidate of the Bears hires.

Sure, Pace has had some success with the likes of Justin Fields and Roquan Smith. His 2021 draft has the potential to have numerous Pro Bowlers over the years. But at the end of the day, there’s one reason why the Bears must fire Ryan Pace.

He’s just been mediocre.

That’s it.

Ryan Pace has failed to assemble a championship team in six years. It’s time that the Chicago Bears move on from mediocrity.

Mediocrity has been the standard of this organization for years. The McCaskeys have essentially refused to focus on the product on the field for decades. The Bears have been spoiled to have such a dedicated fanbase, and as a result of an endless cash flow to the pockets of the organization despite years of futility, the team has had virtually no reason to change the awful on-field product.

It’s time that that changes. Bears fans deserve more.

Mediocrity has been a staple of the Bears organization for years. Instead of continuing to employ a staff and front office that is “decent at best,” it’s time for the McCaskey family to hire leadership that will get the team back to its days of being one of the premier football organizations in the country.

Five franchises have been eliminated from playoff contention in 2021. The Chicago Bears are one of them.

The other four are the Jacksonville Jaguars, the New York Jets, the Detroit Lions and the Houston Texans.

Those five teams essentially make up the basement of the NFL standings year in and year out.

Three of them have never appeared in a Super Bowl. One of them (the Jets) only has one appearance, a 1968 victory in Super Bowl III.

And then there’s the Bears, whose only Super Bowl victory came 36 years ago.

Despite how one may feel, Virginia McCaskey is still football royalty. The best thing her family could is to give her some Bears success in her later years.

To do that, the team needs to move on from the status quo. Pace has failed to maintain a consistently reliable defense, the offensive line looks like Swiss cheese, and the organization has yet to develop a quarterback in well over half a century.

Change needs to start from the top. Ownership, the front office, all the way down to the product on the field needs to be improved.

Unfortunately for Bears fans, NFL insider Ian Rapoport hasn’t heard that the Pace’s job is in jeopardy.

How rough it must be to continually be “just mediocre” at your job, and yet still have job security and a multi-million dollar income.

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Enough with the mediocrity. It’s time that the Chicago Bears again become a daunted franchise once and for all.

Fire them. Fire them all.

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