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Do you know all that goes into choosing the right sports tent for your team? If not, don’t stress—this article will guide you through its process. A tent can be handy at any athletic event. Tents give shade and temporary cover to spectators and competitors, making watching a racing car or a golf tournament more convenient.  

It is essential to pay close attention to every element of the occasion when organizing a sporting event. So, what exactly should you look for in a canopy tent? Before you settle on one, here are some tips for choosing the right sports team tent: 

Determine The Size You Need 

To start, consider the scope of your activity to determine the size and number of tents needed. This is one of the essential parts of the process. Nothing is worse than ordering your sports tent, which is ideal in every manner, only to discover that it is not tailored to your needs because it is too small. A custom 10×10 canopy is recommended for any standard event. However, more extensive and smaller sizes are also available. So, here’s what you’ll need to consider when deciding on the size of your tent: 

Number Of Attendees – Even if you don’t know the precise number of people, or if you’re purchasing a tent that will be used for any occasion, it’s best to round up. It’s better to have an overly large tent than to squeeze guests into a small tent. 
Seating Arrangement – The seating layout for your event is the second most crucial element in deciding which tent size you’ll need once you’ve determined how many people you’ll need to accommodate in your tent. Ensure the seats will fit in your tent when spaced accordingly. 
Weather – On a hot or humid day, people will prefer to have more space to themselves for air to move freely. If you’re arranging an outdoor event in a warm or tropical area, take note that you may need more room for each of your guests so that your tent doesn’t become confining. 

Remember to consider the canopy’s height as well. If you have taller guests, ensure they don’t hit their heads on the way in and out. Make sure your tent is practical and comfortable for your team.

Pick Out The Type Of Tent 

Once you’ve determined the size, you’ll have an idea of what type of tent suits your sports team. Set-up time, appearance, and functionality vary by tent model, so don’t ignore this step and think any type of tent will suffice. Here are some of the most common tent styles, as well as the places and events where they are most appropriate: 

Pole tents – One of the most common tents used, they can be created in almost any size and possess the traditional canopy style that many clients seek in a tent. As the name implies, the primary foundation for this tent style is a center pole. These tents function well and look fantastic in the grass for any outdoor event. These tents, however, must be anchored into the ground, making them unsuitable for use indoors, concrete, and asphalt. 
Pop-Up Tents – Pop-up tents are smaller tents that are ideal for starters because of their easy set-up, tear-down, and maintenance. Pop-up canopy tents, as the name indicates, have a basic frame that can be set up and taken down by one person and transported to multiple areas if needed. Pop-up tents are ideally suited for smaller gatherings, casual outdoor events, or medic stations since they are usually smaller and have a simple frame. 
Frame Tents – The frame tent is perhaps the most practical sports tent available. Like a pole tent, a frame tent can be adjusted to accommodate any number of people and is ideal for large gatherings. Unlike a pole tent, frame tents do not need to be anchored into the ground and do not have a central pole. Frame tents are ideal for most occasions, especially if you require a large tent for indoor use.

Select The Best Tent Fabric 

Select the best fabric suited for your tent after determining the size and picking a style. Whatever tent you choose, ensure that the material it’s made of is good quality and can withstand any weather, or you’ll end up with a tent that doesn’t serve what it’s designed to do: protect your team. One of the following fabric types is recommended: 

Coated Vinyl – Coated vinyl is a protective film coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that weatherizes the tent and maintains it in good condition. This is the finest material you can have for your tent if you anticipate needing one that can resist extreme weather conditions or has to be up and robust for an extended amount of time. 
Laminated Vinyl – Unlike coated vinyl, the tent material is ‘laminated’ between two protective layers. This is very protective, as it is waterproof, fire-resistant, and rustproof. It’s a good choice because laminated vinyl provides a high degree of protection at a lower cost.


With so many variations to choose from, finding the right tent for your team might be overwhelming, but with this article, you’ll learn the essential factors in selecting the tent for your sports team. Once you’ve found the right tent for your needs, you’ll be able to relax and create unforgettable memories with your team. 

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