Big beautiful buck from the Chicago suburbs: Will County buck earns Buck of the Week honorsDale Bowmanon November 16, 2021 at 2:11 pm

Josh Bubinas arrowed his biggest buck to date to earn Buck of the Week. | Provided

Josh Bubinas arrowed his biggest buck to date in Will County to earn Buck of the Week honors.

Josh Bubinas emailed, “I took my biggest buck to date in the suburbs of Homer Glen with my crossbow November 1st.”

That’s the beauty of bowhunting in the suburbs.

It green-scored at 137 inches, high enough that it should qualify as a typical whitetail deer for the record book of the Pope and Young Club, keepers of archery records.

More than 220,000 hunters–some looking for trophy bucks, some looking to fill the freezer–take to the field Friday through Sunday during the first firearm deer season in Illinois. Opening-day stories would be much appreciated.

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