Legalization of Betting in SportsNed Fon October 13, 2021 at 5:34 pm

How well do you know your sports? Is the knowledge enough to help you place bets on the outcome and win some real money? Do you know who invented this form of gambling?

Most countries took their time to allow online casino gambling – and it’s still illegal in some – but they did not hesitate to legalize sports betting. This $150 billion yearly industry keeps growing, and today we have dozens of sites offering these betting services. Because most of the activity is based on actual outcomes from day-to-day sports, those who participate feel like they have more control than they do on casino games whose results are determined by an algorithm. To reap the rewards in this form of betting, you want to know your sports, the teams, and the odds of them winning. There is never a dull moment when you bet on sports.

A Short History of Sports Gambling

Greece is known as the pioneer of many things, and sports betting is only one of them. While the earliest records show it to have started here, it was ancient Rome that first legalized it over 2000 years ago. That was way before the race for online casinos with fast payouts started, or online gambling was even a thought. The Romans gambled on gladiator games before they were banned and continued even after they were no longer played. The spirit of playing for real money had started and was not about to be stopped.

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