Any new Bears stadium should be designed for emergency use in times of crisisLetters to the Editoron October 11, 2021 at 7:17 pm

Thousands flock to Soldier Field before the Chicago Bears take on the Detroit Lions on Oct. 3. | Ashlee Rezin/Sun-Times

When Hurricane Katrina hammered New Orleans in 2005, the Superdome was found to be totally inadequate to house the thousands of people who sought shelter there.

On Monday, the Sun-Times editorial board suggested that the city possibly could keep the Chicago Bears in town by offering vacant land for a new stadium. While we’re talking about that, here’s something else to consider: Any new stadium should be domed and capable of use during a crisis due, whether due to climate change or a future pandemic.

This should go for any new stadium or large convention center across the country. They should all include medical personnel stations, electrical generators and extra toilet facilities to meet the needs of people victimized by hurricanes, tornados or contagions.

When Hurricane Katrina hammered New Orleans in 2005, the Superdome was found to be totally inadequate to the needs of the thousands of people who sought shelter there.

Larry Vigon, Jefferson Park

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Explanation for carjackings

Why are criminals committing so many carjackings? Because they can. In the name of law enforcement reform, we now see convicted felons being released without bail, fewer police officers on the street, a county prosecutor who won’t prosecute and new rules that limit the ability of the police, in vehicles and on foot, to chase after criminals.

Why not jack yourself a new ride?

Terry Takash, Western Springs

Christopher Columbus in 2021

Columbus Day remains a holiday near and dear to many Americans. Perhaps that’s because Columbus, lucky for him, didn’t live in an era of Twitter or other social media. After all, he did wipe out the indigenous people on an island in the Caribbean.

Those of us who don’t celebrate his special day can take comfort in knowing that he’d never be eligible to host “Jeopardy!”

Bob Ory, Elgin

Two senators run the show

If you didn’t like Trump and don’t like Biden, don’t fret, because now we’ve got President Joe Manchin and Vice President Kyrsten Sinema. Think of it as a bloodless coup. This new administration has promised finally to make public their agenda, which will no doubt will titled “Our Way or No Way.”

Jack Sokol, Lemont

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