How to Spend $600 at Hudson GraceLynette Smithon August 26, 2021 at 12:59 pm

As the postpandemic clock strikes Party Season, the housewares brand Hudson Grace sets up shop in Glencoe. Happy hosting, indeed. Tucked in near the town library and flower shop, Hudson Grace’s new boutique makes a fine, if restrained, first impression from the street. Inside, though, it’s a feast for the senses: The air is fragranced with the subtle aroma of fresh-picked flowers, a scent designed by cofounder and trained perfumer Gary McNatton; walls are splashed with ripe, juicy shades of citron, watermelon, and persimmon; and displays practically spill over with a curated assortment of chic wares. “It’s big and dramatic — when we do something, it’s a statement,” says Monelle Totah, who, with McNatton, launched Hudson Grace in San Francisco in 2012. Eight stores and a robust online following later, the two have earned a reputation for taking posh European tabletop classics and reimagining them for everyday use. “My taste is a little more collected and eclectic, and Gary’s is minimalist modern, so we always ask ourselves: Would this work in both of our homes? If yes, we go into production,” says Totah. That means you’re just as likely to find a baroque ceramic candlestick as you are a giant hardwood charcuterie board or a vintage silver ice bucket. “We love juxtaposition,” says Totah. Whatever your vibe, pop in for hostess gifts, pantry upgrades, glassware, or the transporting power of Hudson Grace’s delicately perfumed candles. 339 Park Ave., Glencoe,

Photography: Courtesy of Hudson Grace

$175 for a set of 12



Larder board

$175 for a five-piece place setting

Vintage Oro flatware

$22 each

Linen napkins



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