Chicago’s Top Real Estate AgentsChicago Magazineon August 10, 2021 at 3:06 pm

1 Jena Radnay @Properties $124.4 million

2 Robert Picciariello Prello Realty $110.5 million

3 Carrie McCormick @Properties $104.4 million

4 Connie Dornan @Properties $88.1 million

5 Linda Feinstein Compass $75.6 million

6 Nathan Stillwell John Greene $72.3 million

7 Susan Miner Premier $70.4 million

8 Sam Shaffer Chicago Properties $67.7 millionWhat’s a reasonable number of repairs to ask for after the inspection?Focus on anything that’s a safety concern or that can cause additional damage between the offer and close dates, like a leak. If there’s wear and tear, you can try to negotiate a credit, but you have to be strategic in your requests.

9 Leila Zammatta Magellan Realty $66.5 million

10 Kris Berger Compass $66.4 million

11 Anne DuBray Coldwell Banker $64.3 million

12 Kim Wirtz Century 21 Affiliated $59.1 millionWhat design touches can make a house more attractive to buyers?Anything considered farmhouse chic. That motif includes vaulted ceilings, neutral muted exteriors, gray accents, and white cabinets.

13 Tim Salm Jameson Sotheby’s $58.0

14 Jason O’Beirne Jameson Sotheby’s $52.3 million

15 Chezi Rafaeli Coldwell Banker $52.2 million

16 Millie Rosenbloom Baird & Warner $49.6 million

17 Andra O’Neill @Properties $48.4 million

18 Mary Wallace Coldwell Banker $47.8 million

19 Greg Cirone Interdome Realty $45.8 millionHow can buyers get a leg up in this hot market?Research homes that have sat for a week or so. That’s where you find little treasures that slipped through the cracks.What design touches can make a house more attractive to buyers? Stick to slick, simple, open spaces. In life after COVID, buyers want versatile spaces to entertain.How long should you let your house sit on the market before you cut the price?In this market, if you haven’t sold in three weeks, something’s wrong.

20 Lori Neuschel @Properties $44.4 million

21 Susan Maman @Properties $42.7 million

22 Scott Curcio Baird & Warner $42.4 million

23 Nancy Tassone Jameson Sotheby’s $42.3 million

24 Ryan Smith RE/Max $41.5 million

25 Marina Carney Compass $40.8 million

26 Edward Lukasik RE/Max $40.5 million

27 Paul Mancini @Properties $40.3 million

28 Jan Morel @Properties $40.0

29 Deidre Rudich D’Aprile Properties $39.1 millionWhat simple things can draw in buyers?Painting and cleaning are big. Get the carpets cleaned and the windows washed. And I always have a handyman come in and look things over.What’s a reasonable number of repairs to ask for after the inspection?No more than 10, and I really try to shave that down because it can make the deal go south. It really comes down to safety and structural items.

30 Milena Birov @Properties $37.9 million

31 Ryan Preuett Jameson Sotheby’s $36.3 million

32 Bill White Sr. Baird & Warner $35.9 million

33 Stephanie Cutter Coldwell Banker $35.4 million

34 Annika Valdiserri @Properties $34.5 million

35 Lindsay D’Aprile D’Aprile Properties $34.4 million

36 Katie Hackett @Properties $34.0

37 Kati Spaniak eXp Realty $34.0 What small thing can be an immediate turnoff to buyers?A broken doorbell. It’s the easiest thing in the world to fix. But when you get to the front door and it’s broken or the screen is dirty, it just makes you wonder what other kind of deferred maintenance there is. What renovations are not worth doing before selling?Don’t redo the floors unless they’re completely damaged. It’s a huge amount of stress and cost. What’s the best strategy for making a first offer?Make one that’s priced correctly. A low offer will put sellers in a bad state of mind, and this is ultimately an emotional transaction.

38 Linda Levin Jameson Sotheby’s $33.0

39 Larysa Domino @Properties $32.4 million

40 Penny O’Brien Baird & Warner $32.3 million

41 Lynn Purcell Baird & Warner $32.1 million

42 Nancy Gibson @Properties $31.8 million

43 David Cobb RE/Max $31.7 million

44 Betsy Burke BHHS Chicago $31.4 million

45 Lori Rowe Coldwell Banker $31.4 million

46 Lina Shah Coldwell Banker $30.5 millionWhat overhyped amenities don’t add much value?Hot tubs and saunas. If they’re indoors, they just take up space. What design touches can make a house more attractive to buyers?Buyers focus on the color —  inside and outside —  and painting is the cheapest upgrade. Anything vibrant is risky, and neutral is trendy, so I recommend gray or beige.

47 Mary Baubonis @Properties $30.5 million

48 Susie Scheuber RE/Max $30.3 million

49 Elizabeth Wieneke Compass $29.7 million

50 Mona Hellinga BHHS Chicago $29.6 million

51 Jeff Stainer RE/Max $29.0

52 Julie Kaczor Baird & Warner $29.0

53 Lisa Byrne Baird & Warner $28.9 million

54 Shaun Raugstad @Properties $28.7 million

55 Aly Tesar Compass $28.5 million

56 Kari Kohler Coldwell Banker $28.2 million

57 Susan Teper @Properties $28.2 million

58 Vaseekaran Janarthanam RE/Max $28.0 What design touches can make a house more attractive to buyers?Lately, we’ve seen a lot of quartz countertops, hardwood floors, and gray walls. People are also looking for fancier blinds and light fixtures. Will this market stay hot?The mid-2000s bubble was due to hype. Now, everything is under control: Interest rates are low, appraisals are stringent. This market is going to hold.

59 Jody Dickstein @Properties $27.6 million

60 Pam Rueve Jameson Sotheby’s $27.1 million

61 Nicholas Colagiovanni Baird & Warner $26.8 million

62 Matt McCollum eXp Realty $26.7 million

63 Trish Orndorff @Properties $26.7 million

64 Diana Matichyn Coldwell Banker $26.2 million

65 Laura Fitzpatrick @Properties $26.2 million

66 Robbie Morrison Coldwell Banker $26.2 million

67 Lindsay Everest BHHS Chicago $26.1 million

68 Joann Coghill Keller Williams $25.6 million

69 Sara Brahm Baird & Warner $25.6 million

70 Megan McCleary BHHS Chicago $25.6 million

71 Marla Schneider Coldwell Banker $25.5 million

72 Michael Hall Baird & Warner $24.5 million

73 Alan Berlow Coldwell Banker $24.3 million

74 Elizabeth August @Properties $24.3 million

75 Meg Whitted Baird & Warner $24.2 million

76 Nancy Adelman Compass $24.0

77 Suzanne Gignilliat @Properties $24.0

78 Alan Candea Dream Town $23.9 million

79 Stephanie LoVerde Baird & Warner $23.7 million

80 Marta Lazic Jameson Sotheby’s $23.7 million

81 Chris Veech @Properties $23.7 million

82 Chris Pequet Jameson Sotheby’s $23.5 million

83 Bonnie Tripton @Properties $23.4 million

84 Paul Barker Baird & Warner $23.2 million

85 Megan Tirpak @Properties $23.0

86 Dawn Recchia @Properties $23.0

87 Andy Mrowiec Compass $22.8 million

88 Randall Brush Coldwell Banker $22.7 million

89 Gwen Farinella Jameson Sotheby’s $22.6 million

90 Salvador Gonzalez RE/Max $22.5 million

91 Mark Kloss @Properties $22.4 million

92 Bruce Glazer @Properties $22.2 million

93 Adam Zagata D’Aprile Properties $22.2 million

94 Tina Marie Mateja Baird & Warner $22.2 million

95 Michael Rosenblum BHHS Chicago $22.1 million

96 Kevin Terry Compass $22.0

97 Janet Borden Compass $21.9 million

98 Cathy Oberbroeckling Baird & Warner $21.8 million

99 Dinny Dwyer Coldwell Banker $21.7 million

100 John Lyons Baird & Warner $21.4 million

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