Zobrists’ divorce proceeding set to beginSun-Times staffon August 9, 2021 at 4:20 pm

The Ben and Julianna Zobrist divorce trial is scheduled to start Monday in Franklin, Tennessee.

The Zobrists’ family drama has taken several turns over the last few months.

About a year after he took a leave of absence from the Cubs, Ben Zobrist claimed in a lawsuit that Julianna was having an affair with their minister. The minister, Byron Yawn, was also accused of defrauding Ben Zobrist’s charity foundation, for which he worked.

In that lawsuit, Ben Zobrist is seeking $6 million in damages from Yawn, the CEO of Forrest Crain & Co., a Nashville-area business-consulting firm.

Julianna Zobrist later commented on the public drama in an Instagram post.

“It’s tempting to retaliate or seek revenge when someone decides to hurt, slander, or lie about you. Especially in public,” she wrote. “It’s difficult to remember that those who harm us are acting out of their own pain. Wounded people need healing, and that’s what I pray finds every person who is so lost in their pain that they resort to inflicting harm on others.”

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