This Chicago baseball quiz has some star powerBill Chuckon July 10, 2021 at 11:00 am

Welcome back to another edition of the Sun-Times’ Chicago Baseball Quiz. I am your quizmaster, Bill Chuck. Other than stats, there will be no math involved. Are you ready for the All-Star Game on Tuesday? It was moved to Denver for several reasons, including Rockies fans’ deserving to see some really good players.

So cue up Smash Mouth, and let’s play Chicago All-Star baseball.

Let’s get the show on with the Chicago nine.

1. Who is the most recent Cub to homer in an All-Star Game?

a. Andre Dawson

b. Billy Williams

c. Anthony Rizzo

d. Willson Contreras

2. Name the two White Sox who have homered in an All-Star Game.

a. Frank Thomas

b. Paul Konerko

c. Jose Abreu

d. Magglio Ordonez

3. Which of these Sox pitchers did not win an All-Star Game?

a. Chris Sale

b. Mark Buehrle

c. Jack McDowell

d. Early Wynn

4. Which of these Cubs pitchers lost two All-Star Games?

a. Wade Davis

b. Johnny Schmitz

c. Claude Passeau

d. Bill Lee

5. Which of these Cubs has not stolen a base in an All-Star Game?

a. Javy Baez

b. Starlin Castro

c. Derrek Lee

d. Ryne Sandberg

6. Which White Sox pitcher has recorded the most strikeouts against NL All-Star competition?

a. Chris Sale

b. Billy Pierce

c. Mark Buehrle

d. Wilbur Wood

7. Who is the youngest Chicago player to appear in an All-Star Game?

a. Carlos May

b. Starlin Castro

c. Nellie Fox

d. Addison Russell

8. Who is the only Chicago player to win the All-Star Game’s MVP award?

a. Ernie Banks

b. Bill Madlock

c. Frank Thomas

d. Alfonso Soriano

9. In which ballpark was the first All-Star Game held in 1933?

a. Polo Grounds, New York

b. Wrigley Field, Chicago

c. Griffith Stadium, Washington

d. Comiskey Park, Chicago


1. In 2018, Willson Contreras went deep.

2. Frank Thomas and Magglio Ordonez.

3. Jack McDowell.

4. They each lost one except for Claude Passeau, who lost in 1941 and 1946.

5. Javy Baez hasn’t lost track of outs, and he hasn’t stolen a base in an All-Star Game.

6. In four appearances in the All-Star Game, Billy Pierce struck out a dozen.

7. The White Sox’ Carlos May was 21 years and 69 days old when he played in the 1969 All-Star Game.

8. In 1975, Bill “Mad Dog” Madlock shared the award with the Mets’ Jon Matlack.

9. On July 6, 1933, Major League Baseball’s first All-Star Game took place at Comiskey Park. It was the brainchild of the sports editor Arch Ward, who died on the same day as the 1955 All-Star Game.

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