Jonathan Toews trending toward returning to Blackhawks next season, per reportBen Popeon April 22, 2021 at 12:15 am

Jonathan Toews has not played for the Blackhawks this season. | Claus Andersen/Getty Images

Darren Dreger reported during the Blackhawks-Predators national broadcast Wednesday that Toews “should be healthy and ready to return to the Blackhawks next season.”

Jonathan Toews is “very likely done” for the remainder of the Blackhawks’ 2021 season, Darren Dreger reported Wednesday on NBC Sports Network.

But Toews is trending toward returning next season, Dreger said during the first intermission of the nationally televised Hawks-Predators game.

“The good news is that his health is getting better,” said Dreger, long one of the NHL’s most prominent insiders. “As long as he stays headed in the right direction, he should be healthy and ready to return to the Blackhawks next season. It has been a very challenging year for [him].”

Toews, who turns 33 next week, has not played this season. He announced in December he was taking a medical leave because of an unknown illness causing him to feel “drained and lethargic.”

With only nine games left out of 56 after Wednesday, it’s not remotely surprising Toews won’t return this season.

The Hawks will now hope Toews can rejoin the team for 2021-22 training camp in September. Hawks general manager Stan Bowman told the Sun-Times earlier this month he had no update on Toews’ health but was still including him in future roster planning.

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