Trap Door’s Decomposed Theatre breaks down ideas from a longtime collaboratorCatey Sullivanon March 30, 2021 at 7:45 pm

Weirdness and wonder abound in Matei Vişniec’s Decomposed Theatre at Trap Door, but be prepared for creepiness, too.

With nearly 40 actors, eight directors, and an overall roster of artists spanning five countries, Trap Door Theatre’s sprawling, eight-episode streaming production of playwright Matei Vişniec’s Decomposed Theatre offers a deep dive into the drama, absurdity, tragedy, and undeniably relevant work of the contemporary Romanian-French dramatist. Vişniec’s personal history bears mentioning: With all of his work censored during the brutal lengthy regime of Nicolae Ceaușescu, the playwright eventually fled to France and asked for political asylum.…Read More

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