‘Call of Duty’-playing Reddit user gets first word on ex-Bear’s new dealon March 29, 2021 at 7:58 pm

You could say former Bears offensive lineman Rashaad Coward’s decision to join the Steelers was a Call of Duty.

Various media reports Monday said Coward is joining the Steelers, but word of the signing apparently leaked Saturday in an odd way.

A Reddit user with the handle ProbationOfficer2035 said in an NFL thread that while playing “Call of Duty: Warzone” online, he was randomly teamed up with Coward’s wife Natalia and could hear Coward in the background discussing signing a deal with the Steelers.

From the Reddit post:

“Very random, as I’m a Packers fan. I was just playing Warzone with randoms, ended up with a female teammate. She had her mic on and I could hear her husband talking in the background about a ‘deal.’ Then something was said about he would love to play in Pittsburgh. I tried to ask the girl for info but she felt a bit awkward when I asked if she could tell me who her husband was. All she would say was that it was her husband being loud in the background and that he’s an NFL player.

“Anyways, he currently plays in Chicago (I did look up her gamertag which is linked to her Twitch/IG and she is wearing Bears gear in some pics). The last thing I heard was that if no one else calls within the next 30 minutes he’s gonna sign a 3-year deal in order to facilitate the trade because he would love to be in Pittsburgh. I know this is big speculation, but I heard what I heard.”

Coward’s agent confirmed that Coward’s wife is a gamer.

The lesson? You never know what news you might hear by eavesdropping on your fellow video game players.

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