United Center Vaccination Site Crashes as Chicagoans Attempt to Register Over the WeekendBrian Lendinoon March 8, 2021 at 4:33 pm

Beginning this week, folks over the age of 65 are able to receive their first COVID-19 vaccinations at the United Center vaccination site. However, after a few technical glitches and last second changes, all of the site’s 110,000 appointment slots have been taken as the interface draws ire from those successful and unsuccessful.

This is not the end of it though. Those who missed out on booking their appointment will still be able to register as the site will remain open for weeks to come and more appointments will be made available week by week, but only for residents of Cook County moving forward. Originally, any eligible Illinoisan was able to register and receiver their vaccinate at the home of the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Blackhawks but after a huge influx of appointments, the Governor’s Office announced that requirements would be amended and only Chicago residents would have access.

This did not limit the demand for individuals seeking appointments, as Zocdoc (the appointment booking platform those wishing to get the COVID-19 vaccination can use) tweeted late Sunday night that all available appointment was taken at that time.

While vaccinations at the United Center are still open to eligible Cook County residents, we don’t have those scheduling details at this time. For more information, check https://t.co/pdkfTn0WT5 or https://t.co/HLpVQsgxDP (3/3)


— Zocdoc (@Zocdoc) March 7, 2021


The site opens fully on Wednesday but a few select individuals will be able to get their shot on Tuesday. More appointments are to come but at this time officials do not know when that will be. One thing is certain, and that is whenever the newest batch of appointments becomes available, the user interface will need some repair as the technical difficulties made it damn near impossible for those waiting to make an appointment to even have a chance to do so. Frequent browser crashes, impossibly slow load times, and a complete absence of appointments being shown on the site all confronted folks as they tried to register. On top of that, when the site asked for a code sent to individuals phones, it failed to send the needed information for users to verify.

For more information on how to register for a COVID-19 vaccination at the United Center vaccination facility, you can check out specifics via this link. For other vaccination sites and updates from around the Chicagoland area, here is a full run down of how to get registered for your vaccination today. If you’re still looking for testing information, utilize our rundown of testing procedures here.


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