4 Ways to Celebrate New Years Eve in Chicago in 2020Audrey Snyderon December 23, 2020 at 6:00 am

You might be accustomed to attending wild parties on New Year’s Eve in Chicago. We get it— dancing in a throng of people and toasting the new year with a group of friends can be pretty fun; but as any seasoned homebody will tell you, there’s more than one way to celebrate a special occasion. From food and beverages to entertainment and community, there are a variety of ways to plan a safe party at home to celebrate New Years Eve in 2020.

Order Dinner from Luella’s Southern Kitchen

Why cook for yourself on New Year’s Eve when you’ve probably been cooking (and washing dishes) all year? If you’re planning a virtual New Years Eve event in Chicago with your friends, you can take advantage of the New Year’s Special at Luella’s Southern Kitchen. The special includes braised short ribs, king crab, grits, and bananas foster-style banana pudding for just $35.

Order Cocktails to Go from Lost Lake

Since shortly after the start of COVID restrictions, Logan Square’s tropical cocktail bar has been pouring its fruity concoctions into bottles for Chicagoans to enjoy in the safety of their own homes. If you visit Lost Lake’s Instagram, each week the menu and hours for pickup are posted on their story highlights—titled “Menu”—so that you can find the best time (and flavors) for stocking up on libations.

Run the New Year’s Eve 5K

Runners can’t gather in person to participate this year. However, a straightforward way to add enjoyment to your New Years Eve festivities in 2020 is to participate in the virtual 5K. This event allows registrants to run anytime between December 26th and January 3rd in Chicago. A portion of the required $40 registration fee benefits Direct Relief, which has been working hard to support healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Enjoy the New Philharmonic’s New Year’s Eve Concert

Featuring pieces ranging from waltzes to pop tunes to movie music, this New Year’s Eve concert, led by Maestro Kirk Muspratt, premieres 2 PM. on December 31st, and is available for streaming on demand through January 3rd.

Featured Image Credit: Philharmonic on Facebook

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